Hartley Brody

Why I'm going to die tomorrow

Tomorrow morning, at 11:40am, I will begin the most athletically challenging event of my life: The New England Tough Mudder competition, up and down the side of Mt. Snow in Vermont. From Wikipedia:

Tough Mudder is a series of obstacle course competitions that bill themselves as “probably the toughest one day event on the planet.” According to the New York Times, the event is designed to be “more convivial than marathons and triathlons, but more grueling than shorter runs or novelty events.” For example, Warrior Dash courses are between three and four miles, while Tough Mudder courses are between seven and twelve miles. It is estimated that about 20% of participants do not finish the course.

Normally, something like that would sound exciting to me, but I’m a little nervous for this – I haven’t been training. At all.

It was always one of those “oh, I’ll go for a run next week…” or “May is so far away…” and then before I knew it, it was a week away. Hopefully it kicks my ass enough that I start taking fitness more seriously, since I’ve been slacking ever since I quit swimming sophomore year.

My goal is to finish the 10 mile obstacle course, without walking or stopping. If I accomplish that, it won’t be a measure of how well I prepared, or how strong and in-shape I am. It will be totally, 100% a test of my grit and determination. I’m hoping that posting my goal publicly will make me stick with it.

We’ll see if I can ride that grit through fire, icey water, mud and electricity and make it across the finish line.

Race map & obstacles here.

UPDATE: I survived. Very sore in the knees and muddy, but survived.