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How close is Dot Gov to Basic Internet Security?

Once the connection is set up, all messages sent over it are secure from eavesdropping. (There are plenty of better explanations elsewhere. For more depth, I can’t recommend Hartley Brody’s step-by-step guide enough.)

Popular Science – Feb 16, 2016 »

Establishing a Backpacking Blog: Interview with Hartley Brody of the Adventure Blog

To me, backpacking isn’t just something I do. It’s a part of who I am as a person. Every time I disconnect in the outdoors just increases my love for spending time in the wild. I’m certainly proud of my 50 mile weekend and the Presidential Traverse I completed this past year, but I’m always looking for an excuse to get out more and push my limits as an outdoorsman.

Backpackers.com – Feb 8, 2016 »

Hot Growth Hackers to Follow in 2014

Our favorite growth hackers on Twitter tend to be interesting, well-rounded tweeple! Hartley is another whose tweets take on everything from politics, world news, current events and marketing and growth. Perhaps the title of one of the lifehacker links he tweeted out a couple of days ago says it all

Tribe Boost – Jan 29, 2014 »

Interview with GrowthHacker.TV

I did a ~1hr video interview with the awesome folks at GrowthHacker.TV where we mostly talked web scraping and a bit about growth and user acquisition.

Growth Hacker TV – Jan 21, 2014 »

Second Helpings volunteers get much-needed technological boost from app built by students

“When we were implementing this system, I was looking at the old sheets on a daily basis, and I used to joke that it was like the Bible,” Peluso said. “Some days we picked up 1,900 pounds and dropped off 2,000.” But thanks to students at Bowdoin College in Maine, keeping track of those numbers is now a lot easier.

Island Packet – June 17, 2013 »

Students Trek to Boston for the 2nd-Annual Tech Tour

Students stared over a railing into the massive courtyard inside the building before meeting Hartley Brody ’12 who, together with his coworker, walked the group through HubSpot’s culture and philosophy. Brody, a product engineer and inbound marketing expert at HubSpot, cited an intense spirit of innovation and a “get your s__t done” policy.

Bowdoin Daily Sun – November 16, 2012 »

Rapper’s big viral video spawns local imitators

It’s sparked all manner of Internet memes, most recently by the industrious folks at Cambridge startup HubSpot, which spent two days last week creating its parody “Inbound Style.” The video features HubSpot’s Hartley Brody playing the lead, dancing around on the Red Line and the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway.</p> “We have some really excited and excitable people,” said HubSpot spokeswoman Laura Fitton.

Boston Herald – September 19, 2012 »

Olympic economics expose SA as underperformer

Happily, now that we live in the digital era, there is always someone who has done the work for us and in this case it’s a humble blogger, Hartley Brody. Brody collected gross domestic product (GDP) in constant purchasing power parity terms and compared it to the summer Olympic medals haul since 1980, as many have done before him.

Business Day Live – August 6, 2012 »

New Social Shopping Site Hits ‘Cac

Sam Hanson ’11 and Hartley Brody ’12 know that feedback is to shopping, as social media is to college–and it’s high time the things go hand and hand.

In the ‘Cac – May 14, 2012 »

Sam Hanson ‘11 and Hartley Brody ‘12

“I’d love to be a part of something that fundamentally changes the way people shop. It’s something we all do, and right now, online shopping sucks. If our hypothesis is correct – that people want more social information when they’re shopping – then we have the chance to change the way millions of people perform a mundane task. That’d be pretty dope.”

Her Campus – May 1, 2012 »

Music Hack Day: Cracking the Code in New York

In a small room at the back of the space, four young men slouch over laptops and toss around ideas. Bowdoin College student Hartley Brody, 20 (@hartleybrody) is down for the weekend – he’s a music blogger/Web developer. Next to him is Eric Vreeland (@vreeland), who lives in Boston and works for HubSpot, a marketing/Web analytics company. They’re trying to figure out how to combine text messaging, song delivery and artist development. They slug Snapples, scribble on a whiteboard and every so often burst out with “Oh, yeah, we should offer analytics as well!”

Billboard – Feb 12, 2011 »

Hartley Brody ’12 finds success on the Internet

After getting a taste of the real world through his site ownership, Brody decided to take it to the next level this spring. Thanks to a proliferation of AP credits, Brody is taking the semester off and interning at Hubspot, a software company focused on marketing for small businesses.

The Bowdoin Orient – Jan 21, 2011 »

Fresh on Campus: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Good Music

According to Brody and Dresdale, Fresh On Campus is about wielding influence, designing a brand, and creating a lifestyle.

Her Campus – Oct 28, 2010 »

Q&A: Fresh on Campus Creator Hartley Brody ’12

“Six months ago, I never could have imagined the people I’m talking to right now. I actually got an invitation to go to the Playboy Mansion Halloween party, which I had to turn down because I had class the next morning.”

Bowdoin Orient Express – Oct 17, 2010 »