Hartley Brody

What is Quora?

What is Quora? If you haven’t heard about it by now, Quora is a new social, question-and-answer site. It launched last year and was very popular amongst the Silicon Valley crowd for awhile, and it’s just started spreading to the masses.

Because of the elite early-adopters, the quality of the content is very high. There’s a ton of great information on everything from history to business to law. It might sound a little dorky at first, but if you consider yourself intellectually curious, you should definitely poke around.

The site has a very nice user experience (UX) with a lot of AJAX components, which gives it a very slick feel. You can follow specific topics, as well as specific people. And, if you find an interesting question that someone else has asked, you can follow that to be updated as new answers arrive.

It’s got a great community with lots of smart people, so if you have a question about anything, you might as well ask it and wait for a response.

Some of the questions I’m following:

What’s the most epic guerrilla marketing tactic ever done by a startup?

What is the worst piece of design ever done?

Why has SoundCloud not been shut down by the RIAA for promoting piracy?

If you find a really good answer, you can vote it up, which moves it closer to the top of the list of answers. And if you really want to get adventurous, start looking for questions that you might know the answers to.

I’ve started answering questions related to music blogging and internet marketing, two areas that I have some expertise in, and have gotten a lot of positive feedback from my answers.

So check it out! Instead of wasting all that time on Facebook, spend it on Quora and learn a few things!

Oh, and follow me while you’re at it… :-)