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The "Ultimate Guide to Web Scraping" is Now Available

Feb 2017 Edit: The book has been updated.

web-scraping-ebook-coverI wrote an article on web scraping last winter that has since been viewed almost 100,000 times. Clearly there are people who want to learn about this stuff, so I decided I’d write a book.

A few months later, I’m happy to announce: The Ultimate Guide to Web Scraping.

No prior knowledge of web scraping is necessary to follow along – the book is designed to walk you from beginner to expert, honing your skills and helping you become a master craftsman in the art of web scraping.

The book talks about the reasons why web scraping is a valid way to harvest information – despite common complaints. It also examines various ways that information is sent from a website to your computer, and how you can intercept and parse it. We’ll also look at common traps and anti-scraping tactics and how you might be able to thwart them.

There are code samples in both Ruby and Python – I had to learn Ruby just so I could write the code samples! If anyone’s willing to translate the sample code into PHP or Javascript, I’ll give you a free copy of the book. Get in touch.

Check out the table of contents:

  1. Introduction to Web Scraping
  2. Web Scraping as a Legitimate Data Collection Tool
  3. Understand Web Technologies: A Brief Introduction to HTTP and the DOM
  4. Finding The Data: Discovering Your "API"
  5. Extracting the Data: Finding Structure in an HTML Document
  6. Sample Code to Get You Started
  7. Avoiding Common Scraping Traps
  8. Being a Good Web Scraping Citizen

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The download includes Kindle, iPad and .PDF versions.

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