Hartley Brody

Stop, You’re Doing it Wrong

It seems like everyone is peddling marketing advice these days. When to tweet, how to write a catchy headline, what color your CTA button should be.

Stop. Stop all of it. We as marketers have lost our way. We’ve forgotten what our jobs truly entail: going out in the world as stewards for our respective companies, delighting customers and earning a respected and trustworthy name for our brand.

overly branded and useless

It’s not about buzzwords or technologies or social media. Our jobs are not to stalk our prospects’ every website visit, or A/B test until we know the exact shade of blue that makes a button most clickable.

We’re not supposed to be churning out mind-numbingly robotic content with numbered lists and formulaic, keyword-rich headlines. We’re not supposed to be refreshing search engines hoping we’ve moved closer to page one. We shouldn’t be interrupting people in order to shout about our product. And we certainly shouldn’t be counting the number of characters in our tweets to optimize click-through rates.

Our prospects aren’t delighted by any of that. They just don’t care. And when we do things that our prospects don’t care about, we’re wasting our time.

Our products can help someone, somewhere. Our job is to figure out who that is, where they are, and to let them know we’re here to help. Everything else is hogwash.

What have you done to delight your prospects today?