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Second Edition of "The Ultimate Guide to Web Scraping" is Now Available

web-scraping-ebook-coverAfter four years, I figured that my book, The Ultimate Guide to Web Scraping was due for an upgrade.

The internet has changed, websites have gotten more advanced, and I’ve learned a lot of new skills and tactics over the years that I wanted to incorporate into the book.

I’ve also gotten a lot of feedback from some of the over 1,300 readers that helped to make the second edition of the book even more thorough and complete.

The book has been largely re-written and re-organized to focus on simple concepts, show you them in action, and then build on them for more advanced web scraping use cases.

There are over 40 new pages with many more python code samples as well as better coverage of more advanced topics. The book also includes a discount code for my online web scraping video course: Scrape This Site (a $50 value).

Here’s the new Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction to Web Scraping
  2. Web Scraping as a Legitimate Data Collection Tool
  3. Understand Web Technologies: What Your Browser is Doing Behind the Scenes
  4. Pattern Discovery: Finding the Right URLs that Return the Data You're Looking For
  5. Pattern Discovery: Finding the Structure in an HTML Document
  6. Hands On: Building a Simple Web Scraper with Python
  7. Hands On: Storing the Scraped Data & Keeping Track of Progress
  8. Scraping Data that's Not in the Response HTML
  9. Avoiding Common Scraping Pitfalls, Good Scraping Etiquette & Other Best Practices
  10. How to Troubleshoot and Fix Your Web Scraping Code Without Pulling Your Hair Out
  11. A Handy, Easy-To-Reference Web Scraping Cheat Sheet
  12. Web Scraping Resources: A Beginner-Friendly Sandbox and Online Course

The book is available now on Gumroad and includes a .pdf version as well as .mobi for your Kindle and .epub for your iPad. Buy now or learn more.

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