Recently Updated! Over 40 pages of new content including more code samples and better coverage of advanced topics.

What You Get

The book is designed to walk you from beginner to expert, honing your skills and helping you become a master craftsman in the art of web scraping.

You'll learn about:

  • The most common complaints about web scraping, and why they probably don't matter for you.
  • How modern websites send information to a browser, and how you can intercept and parse it.
  • How to find all the data you need on someone else's website.
  • Common traps and anti-scraping tactics (and how to thwart them).
  • How to write a well-behaved scraper and be a good scraping citizen.

The book has many working code samples in python that you can copy/paste to use yourself. It'll walk through the process of scraping data real websites, step-by-step.

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Table of Contents

The Ultimate Guide to Web Scraping contains the following chapters:

  1. Introduction to Web Scraping
  2. Web Scraping as a Legitimate Data Collection Tool
  3. Understand Web Technologies: What Your Browser is Doing Behind the Scenes
  4. Pattern Discovery: Finding the Right URLs that Return the Data You're Looking For
  5. Pattern Discovery: Finding the Structure in an HTML Document
  6. Hands On: Building a Simple Web Scraper with Python
  7. Hands On: Storing the Scraped Data & Keeping Track of Progress
  8. Scraping Data that's Not in the Response HTML
  9. Avoiding Common Scraping Pitfalls, Good Scraping Etiquette & Other Best Practices
  10. How to Troubleshoot and Fix Your Web Scraping Code Without Pulling Your Hair Out
  11. A Handy, Easy-To-Reference Web Scraping Cheat Sheet
  12. Web Scraping Resources: A Beginner-Friendly Sandbox and Online Course

About the Author

Over the years, I've scraped dozens of websites -- from music blogs and fashion retailers to and undocumented JSON endpoints. I've learned a thing or two along the way, so I wrote an article in 2012 called I Don’t Need No Stinking API: Web Scraping For Fun and Profit.

That article has now been viewed almost 500,000 times. It's helped me meet people from all over the world who are trying to navigate the wild world of web scraping. After dozens of conversation via email and Twitter, I finally decided I'd write a book.

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